who we are

City Smart Way provides cultural-themed guided tours with licensed guides in Paris, France. 

Native or adopted Parisians, our guides are neither pure scholars nor amateur locals—the best of both, really. We come from various cultures and have worked in a variety of professions. We banded together over a shared passion: bringing the richness, the zest, and the joy of Paris to people from all over the world. Although our guides are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about arts and history, they won’t drown you in dates and names. We’ve got a world waiting for you—not an encyclopedia.

We strongly believe that a museum experience can be transformative, when it’s grounded in personal connection and storytelling. We craft our own routes and tell you stories that you wouldn’t find in art history books. With is, you don’t get a lecture on art—you have a meaningful conversation about it.

All our guides work with a professional license, meaning we are 100% legal and can lead tours in museums. With us, you enjoy priority access and always skip the line.

All our tours are private. You and your party are the only clients. You get your guide’s full attention, you can ask any questions, and you don’t have to share the tour with people you don’t know.

Meet the Guides



Born in Moscow, Russia, Irina is a passionate France-lover. After studying French literature, philosophy, and history, she moved to Paris in 2006 and worked in journalism and web marketing before coming back to her roots—the French culture. 

A detour into the video games industry taught her to approach “serious” topics with a touch of playfulness. She is convinced that art and history should never be treated as an elitist subject. She obtained a professional guiding license from the French government and set off on a mission to lead tours in a thorough yet informal way.

She geeks out about Paris history, museums, and the best spots to catch the city vibes… along with a delicious éclair au chocolat.



Charlotte comes from Bordeaux—the sunny region of good food and wine. Maybe that’s why she’s such a bonne vivante. She lived in the South of France and in the US before settling down in Paris.

We found Charlotte on a tour of Montmartre. She was surrounded by a group of people who exploded with laughter every other minute, scaring the nearby pigeons. Charlotte is like that—fun, unconventional, no-BS, and extremely passionate. She knows French history inside out and loves the hidden face of Paris—all things forgotten or neglected by the passersby. Pick her brain about street art and be prepared for surprises!

Thierry, Private Guide | City Smart Way — Private Guided Tours in Paris



Thierry is an insatiable Paris lover and a writer of history books. As many Parisians, he was not born in Paris but moved here by choice, as a student. He never left since.

Thierry is passionate about history. Who wouldn’t be, coming from the beautiful area of Touraine, in the Loire valley, where one can’t make a step without stumbling upon some old castle? Plus, he is a published writer (L’Histoire c’est trop conHistory By Mistake, 2013; Deux dans l’enfer—Two Tickets To Hell, 2014; La sexualité dans l’Egypte antique—Sexuality in Ancient Egypt, 2015; Lettres interdites—Stolen letters, 2016). His modus operandi is connecting dots and turning facts into a captivating story.